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Looking for a fun and education event for your school? Are you seeking an enjoyable activity for a birthday party? Look no further, for Explorers' Emporium, Inc. has got you covered. For schools, we have a variety of workshops to choose from dinosaurs and fossils to general science and nature workshops. For birthdays, not only are workshops available as an option, table top gaming is also a possibility! For an idea about how some of our activities are broken up, see the details below. For more information about other activities, send us an email with the required information list below.


Dinosaurs and Fossils

(1st through 12th grades)

The Dinosaur/ Fossil Program is an amazing walk with the dinosaurs. Students discover dinosaurs and other prehistoric animals through hands on, visual displays and stories. Students learn about fossils- What are they? Where do they come from? Who were these prehistoric animals? Where did they go?


Archaic Man

(1st through 12th grades)

The Archaic Man Program is a hands-on program where students learn about humanity's long hard road to live. Who were Homo Erectus and Neandertal? Where did they come from? Where are they now? What about Cro-Magnon? What were their tools, art, flutes, weapons and foods? Did they use fire? Includes various Archaic Man and animal artifacts.

For details on the programs at various grade levels, click here to download the document discussing school educational standards.

Cost of Program at Store for School:

Program: $5.00 per Student. Minimum size group is 9 students. Maximum 35 students per program. Up to 5 programs can be done per day. Programs are approximately 45 minutes to one hour. Q and A prizes! Please send an email with the information below to check the availibility of room. Room must be reserved and scheduled for event. No walk-ins. These programs are available to schools, organizations, clubs, home schoolers, and groups.

Cost of Program at School:

Per program: $125.00 up to 35 students. Additional programs, done on the same day, are $100.00 each (max 35 students per program). Up to 5 programs can be done per day. Programs are approximately 45 minutes to one hour. Q and A prizes! A 50% deposit must be made to hold a date. Balance is due upon arrival of presenter. A travel charge may apply depending on location of program.

Cost of Program for Birthday Parties:

Program: $250.00 for a maximum of 20 children. Parties are approximately one hour programs with a half hour for cake and gifts.Different programs are available including: dinosaurs, science, and table top gaming. Not all programs are available for all group sizes. A 50% deposit must be made to hold a date. Remaining balance is due prior t othe start of the program. *The cake is not included in program.

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