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Explorers' Tunes and Videos

Explorers' Emporium Radio!

Looking for some music to inspire you? Need a new song to get stuck in your head? Come listen to our music selection from artists including Blackmore's Night, Howard Shore, Enya, and Hans Zimmer. Like what you hear? Go ahead and give it a like and share with other explorers so they can enjoy the tunes too. The music that we play on our station is ASCAP and BMI licensed.

Have some ideas for other songs, albums, or artists for us to play? Or do you want to join in and advertise your store or some events that you'll be hosting? Send us a message on our contact page in About Us and we'll get back to you as soon as we can!

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Explorers' Emporium Videos

Need a crafting project? Want something fun to watch? Check out our YouTube channel for videos like leather crafting, miniature painting, and more! Like what you see? Give our videos a like, subscribe to our channel (Explorers' Emporium, Inc.), and hit the bell icon to get notified when videos are posted. Presently, we are posting leather craft videos. The project videos are posted once a month on Saturdays and the basics videos are posted around the same time as projects if new concepts are covered.

Have some ideas for projects you want us to make a tutorial for? Perhaps you have some other great ideas for what you would love to see on our channel? Send us a message on our contact page in About Us and we'll get back to you as soon as we can!

Leather Craft Projects: Posted periodically between events

Leather Craft Basics: Released with related projects

Science Workshops: Pausing as we rework schedule and plan what we want to do with our Science & Nature Workshops as they're going mostly online. We will keep you posted on our website and social medias.

If something changes to this schedule, we will inform you on our social medias.