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Our Story

Explorers Emporium LogoGreetings explorers! We are Explorers’ Emporium: a gaming, crafting, educational, and medieval store. You really have to see our store selection to believe it, so come visit us at 306 S Ironwood Dr, Apache Junction, AZ any time between 11am to 7pm, Tuesday through Sunday. Want to start perusing our wares? You can see many of our items in our online store in our catalog.

Here at Explorers Emporium we strive to create a safe and friendly environment for all our visitors. We offer a variety of events ranging from leather crafting, educational programs for kids, and tabletop gaming for both new and experienced players. In addition our event space is free for community use. Walk-ins are welcome at any time and tables in our event area can be reserved if you wish to have guaranteed space for a larger group event. We post events and room reservations on Facebook and our website’s event calendar so you can easily check availability to plan events and activities.

Presently Explorers’ Emporium is a family store; the owner of Explorers’ Emporium, Jerald Adlof, and the multimedia designer, his daughter, Jessica Adlof run the day to day affairs. The Adlof family has always had a passion for education, science, and gaming. In 1995, Jerry and his wife Tracey managed a children’s museum focused on science, nature and ecology. Visitors enjoyed a wonderful hands-on educational program teaming with live animals, dinosaur bones, science experiments, workshops and more! During this period, countless computers were donated to schools and some truly wonderful relationships were built with various groups as well as local Native American organizations. In 2004 that program became Woodland Ways. Woodland Ways grew and in 2015 it expanded into new markets becoming Explorers’ Emporium. In 2016, Jessica officially came on as multimedia designer where she helped create and manage the advertisements for Explorers’ Emporium and maintain several of the store’s online presences, including their store’s website. Jessica and her sister Cassidy also assisted and ran many of the store’s gaming and leather craft events. In 2018, Jessica created the store’s YouTube channel as well as managed additional marketing avenues for the store.

We sincerely appreciate your visits to Explorers' Emporium. Please take advantage of our many workshops, gaming events, and educational programs. We are all sincerely thankful for all the support we have received over the years. We are proud that we can provide such wonderful community services and programs. Thank you for the opportunity!

If you are interested in more about what we do, please visit our Events and ProgramsNews and Communications, and our Catalog pages. If you have any questions, visit our Contact Us page and we will respond to you as soon as we can!

Mission Statement: Learn from the past, so we can plan better for the future, while living in the present - with style.