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Check Out What's Going On the Week of July 10th!

Weekly activities at Explorers' Emporium

Young Dungeon Masters Adventures!

Join us as some young dungeon masters lead us through dungeons and test our skills with the reward of treasure! New and experienced players of any age welcomed! Come on down and support these young DMs.

Dungeons & Dragons 5e 12pm to 5pm

Applied Science Month

July Science Theme: Applied Sciences, Applied Air Pressure

Applied sciences are what brings us the inventions and technology we have today! From chemistry to physics to engineering, our day to day lives are impacted by the applied aspects of many different science fields. Come join us this week as we explore the applications of air pressure!

Workshops take place every Thursday

Ages 6 - 12

Walk-ins welcome, $10 per explorer

Archery Sale

Weekly Deal! Archery

10% off all Archery Supplies

This sale lasts through: July 16, 2017

This email must be shown at time of purchase for discount to apply.