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Safety Tips!

  1. Never shoot damaged equipment.
  2. Inspect arrows for split shafts or loose feathers. Destroy and discard of any broken arrows.
  3. Check your bowstring regularly. Ensure that your string is waxed and that it rests properly in bow tips noks.
  4. Check your bow regularly for cracks, checks, and chips.
  5. Never dry fire your bow. In other words, be sure to fire your bow with an arrow.
  6. If you are using a traditional wooden bow, be sure to know the use and care; this is especially important when considering the proper moisture content (MC).
  7. Be sure to know how to safely string your bow. Most bow breaks occur during the stringing process.
  8. Never run with your bow, especially if an arrow is nocked.
  9. It is always best to shoot with another perosn in case of injury.
  10. Be watchful for people wandering behind your shooting area. It is possible that they are searching for arrows; no matter the reason, wait for them to return to a designated safety area.
  11. Never point a bow and arrow at a person or living thing unless it is legally authorized hunting.
  12. Never shoot at an unidentified target.
  13. Do not shoot an arrow if someone has moved forward in front of you at a range.
  14. Use the proper tools to work on your bow and arrows. Keep proper covers on broadheads.
  15. Never shoot arrows with broadheads into standard targets.
  16. When nocking your arrow, be sure that the arrow is pointing downward at the ground.
  17. When drawing, pull arrow back aimed at the ground, then raise bow and arrow to aim.