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Explorers Emporium Realms of Exploration

Explorers Emporium Creations and Digital Download Store

What great FUN!  Explorers' Emporium, Inc. will now be providing affordable resources (many as digital downloads) to make your RPG experiences more exciting. We shall be loading this part of our website with our own custom designs, digital maps, 3D prints, and unique items from our past KickStarters.  Please take advantage of these wonderful items.  Your purchases shall keep Explorers Emporium going.  Your patronage is sincerely appreciated.  Please share this site and tell a friend.  Thank you!

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Alien Nebula and Lava Field Animated Images for Digital TV's 
Do you have a digital TV to make your gaming experience come to life?  Here are some ready made video images (MP4) of adventuring areas- Lava, Alien Nebula World, Grasslands, Water and more...  The images flow and pulse during game play.  Video works best ran from a computer and looped.  Image can be paused when needed.  Made for specific sizes of TV creating a 1" grid.
Alien Nebula World


Lava Field

First Story Digital House Digital Map Packs
 We love our battle maps but sometimes drawing everything out can be a challenge and clean up tough.  Now you can download a multi-layered house or dangerous underground dungeon.  Print them out as flip-tiles or individually.  Build a town in minutes.  Easy pack up.  No mess to wash up.  There is even a download for GRAPH PAPER when needed.
Dungeon Delving Maps
Digital Water Bridge Images Individually
 We shall be putting images up individually, as well.  Sometimes you do not need the whole pack.  One will do the trick.
Coming Very Soon! 
KickStarter Hollow Dice 3D Custom Designs
Explorers' Emporium is constantly designing and printing 3D items for our local customers.  Now, all our customers will have access to our personal designs and KickStarter projects- ready for download.  You only need a 3D printer.  Physical items will also be made available.
Coming Very Soon!

More coming soon!  Also, email ideas that you might think everyone needs.
We shall make if possible:  explorersemporium@gmail.com

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