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Explorers' Emporium had its beginnings with Castle Earth Children's Museum in 1990 as we raised funds to build our first children's museum.  We established a fantastic hands-on educational facility- the first of its kind.  We were ranked as the best children's museum in 1998.  This museum did thousands of science workshops and thousands of school programs helping children, parents and educators understand the world around them.  We even had a living zoo.  As years went on we evolved into the Explorers' Emporium that exists today.  Castle Earth was fantastic!
Castle Earth Children's Museum- Mobile.  After our years sustaining a brick and mortar children's museum.  We reduced overhead and went mobile to schools, community centers and other museums.  2000 to 2014.  We have done so many learning scavenger hunts and awesome school programs.  We thank every one of the great families and teachers we met.  Thank you for continuing to Explorers' Emporium.
Explorers' Emporium- California was a unique business doing amazing things from gaming events to science workshops with children ages 6-12 years of age.  This was a perfect transition from a museum format to commuity format.  2014 to 2017.  It is really wonderful still keeping in contact with the many friends we made over these years.  Thank you to all of you.
Welcome to Explores' Emporium- Arizona.  Store opened Nov. 1st, 2018.  We are grateful for every opportunity to take care of our community.  We have done countless crafting workshops, school programs, and awesome gaming events.  We sincerely look forward to many more years of FUN and ADVENTURING!  We also appreciate all the great customers and friends we have met.


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